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Toddlers: (1's and 2's ):

             In our infant room the goal of our staff is to nurture

each individual child with personal care. The emphasis is on that

child’s development, focusing activities for that child around their age and

developmental level. By keeping each child’s day focused on their individual

       needs, schedules, and development we are able to create strong bonds, build quality relationships, and foster each infant’s growth at their own pace.

              Our infant classroom is equipped with developmentally appropriate              materials and equipment to enable the children to learn and grow.

         It is critical that the learning environment is physically safe and clean so that infants can safely explore and interact with the other children, adults and materials in the classroom. Infants benefit most from individualized care and should be allowed to follow their own schedule for eating, sleeping and playing. Infants are dependent on close, nurturing relationships as the source of positive physical, social, emotional and cognitive growth. Infants learn about their world by observing adult reactions. They develop best when they are assured of having a   trusted caregiver who can read their cues and respond to their needs.

                      We understand child development and how infants learn and are able to read and respond to their needs and behavior.

In our toddler room, our teachers have a strong understanding of the growing toddler. Each day is spent fostering the growth of the individual child as they learn and grow together. Because toddlers are learning at such a fast pace, the teachers keep their day moving by planning plenty of activities in all developmental areas and make them exciting, fun, and hands on. Our teachers also know and understand that a toddlers needs may change quickly and are ready to adapt and make changes in the classroom to accommodate the needs of the children. Our toddler classroom is equipped with developmentally appropriate materials and equipment to enable the children to learn and grow.


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