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Christian Curriculum:

Our Christian Curriculum is based on the following Christian Character Qualities: Forgiveness, Gentleness, Compassion, Thankfulness, Responsibility, Love, Humility, Initiative, Contentment, Obedience, Patience, Generosity, Joyfulness, Orderliness, Discernment, Reverence, Diligence, Perseverance, Christian Example, Respectfulness, and Self Control.

Our Christian Curriculum includes, but is not limited to, using the Bible, “Sunshine Kids,”“A Beca” and “Little K” materials and themes. These curriculums serve as a foundation for the lessons taught throughout the year. Each classroom adds its own unique activities to implement these themes. Children will be introduced to key people in the Bible and generalized Bible concepts. Jesus is, and will always be, the focus of our classes. All Bible curriculum is solely Bible based and will not be altered or added to be based on any particular denomination or religious organization.

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